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Managing Director 

Curtis W. Swenson, is the managing director of Safe Haven Financial.  The primary focus of Safe Haven is to guide baby boomers and seniors to protect and reposition retirement assets for lifetime income and long-term growth.  By combining traditional insurance options with secured private offerings, retirees can maintain safety with enhanced returns

Mr. Swenson has over 35 years of experience in financial services, insurance, investment banking, retirement planning and real estate investing as a licensed affiliate with major Fortune 500 companies.  Some of the companies of distinction include Prudential Securities, Oppenheimer, Advantage/American Capital, Primerica and major insurance/annuity providers.  

Spectrum Financial Group was founded in 2005 (later merged with Safe Haven Financial) as an affiliate to Self-directed IRA trusts to facilitate the rollover of qualified funds to IRA custodians offering an expanded menu of alternative investments.

Safe Haven Financial is represented by an advisory board of experienced and respected financial professionals and maintains affiliate licensing agreements with major insurance, financial services, legal estate consulting and private equity companies.

Curtis' financial advisory career began in the mid 70's shortly after college and concentrated on 'succession' estate planning of family farms to the next generation.  Many of the same aspects of estate and retirement planning are applicable to businesses, professionals and families as assets are accumulated and passed on.

Curtis grew up on a 1200 acre family farm operation of orchards, feed grains, alfalfa and livestock in the 'Red River Valley of the North' in West Central Minnesota.  The Swenson farm received several awards for wildlife and prairie land conservation practices to preserve habitat for pheasants, partridge, and the nearly extinct native Prairie Chicken.  The family farm was one of the first to introduce malting barley & sunflower hybrids to the area.         

Mr. Swenson, is a graduate of the University of Minnesota majoring in Mass Communication and remains an avid ‘Golden Gophers' booster club member.

Curtis and his wife Susan, of over 35 years, currently live in the Cypress area of Houston, and are active in local ministries and personal causes including the ‘Wounded Warrior Project’ -  'Tunnel to Towers Foundation' and other local causes of need.